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What's New At SCAG?

Scag Dealer What's New

What's New at Scag?

Scag V-Ride II
Scag V-Ride II
Sure, it's still easy to operate, still ready to conquer any terrain, and still built to last. But the new V-Ride´┐┐ II's exceptional results, even greater stability and unmatched comfort leave no doubt: It's a whole new ballgame.

Click here for more information on the Scag V-Ride II

Patriot Now Included in Fleet Program
Scag Cheetah
Effective immediately, Patriot models will be included in the Scag Fleet Program. Please consult with your Scag dealer to learn how your next Scag Patriot purchase can qualify for fleet pricing.

Click here for more information on the Scag Patriot.

New Scag 36" Liberty Z
Scag Cheetah
The all-new 36” Liberty Z is the first ultra-compact Scag mower designed exclusively for your needs as a homeowner. Every bit a Scag, this machine will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. While your neighbors toil using their clunky push mowers and inefficient lawn tractors, you’ll be cruising in style and comfort, finishing the job well ahead of them.

Click here for more information on the 36" Liberty Z.

New Scag Turf Tiger II DieselScag Cheetah

The all-new Diesel-Powered Turf Tiger II stands heads and tails above the crowd in efficient power, durability and performance. This industry benchmark has been re-engineered to be as easy on the operator as it is efficient on tough jobs in the field.

Click here for more information on the Turf Tiger II Diesel.

New Fabric 2-Bag Spindle Driven Grass Catcher
Scag Cheetah
Why spend hours mowing, raking, and moving debris, when you can do it all in one easy step?

Heavy-duty, 2-Bag Spindle Driven Grass Catcher for Scag Patriot models only features a 6" debris tube and provides seven bushels of collection capacity. All-steel, 4-blade blower pulverizes debris, reducing particle size to increase packing density.

Click here for more information on the GC-2B. 

New Tiger Eye Air Filter Monitor Accessory
Scag Cheetah
The Tiger Eye Advanced Monitoring System on select Scag mower models is equipped to be fitted with the Air Filter Monitoring Accessory to help you keep an “eye” on the status of the engine air filter.

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